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Bloons Tower Defense 6

[Total: 1265    Average: 4.3/5]

logoThe most recent edition of Bloons Tower Defense 6 game is available at our website. If you have played the previous version of the game, you already know that this is the most popular and most addictive tower defense game you will ever play. The main mission of the player is to place special defense towers and don't let the bloons reach your town. The most interesting thing about Bloons Tower Defense 6 game is that each tower, each weapon can be upgraded. At the beginning they may be rather weak but as soon as you upgrade them they will become more stronger. The number of defense towers is really big. Some of them are good at close range while others can shoot the balloons from longer distance.

As you progress in Bloons Tower Defense 6 game, the number of bloons becomes higher and at the same time they become more and more strong. Some of them may pop from one strike while others may need 3 or even 5. The game has several game modes available. Also remember that some towers may be locked at the beginning of the game. You must unlock them during game. Enjoy the unblocked version of Bloons Tower Defense 6 at our website.